Recycled Tire Tiles

Rubber Recycled Tire Tiles


Recycled Rubber Tire Tiles may be used as a walk-off mat for entryways, lobbies, concourses, and foyers in shopping malls, grocery stores, airports, factories, office buildings, skating rinks, schools, theaters, bowling alleys, ski lodges, and other demanding indoor and outdoor applications. Tire Tiles can also be used in areas subject to cleats and spikes, such as golf pro shops, locker rooms, sports complexes, and athletic equipment rooms. The added traction of the surface makes Recycled Rubber Tire Tiles extremely useful for inclined ramps, walkways, stairwells, and airport passenger loading bridges.

Recycled Rubber Tire Tiles can be installed on flat surfaces or in recessed areas. The tiles can be trimmed or cut easily for borders or other hard-to-fit areas. The rugged brushed nylon surface is a pleasing silver-gray that complements practically any design scheme, so you can create borders, herringbones, standard or diagonal parquets, large geometric grids, countless other designs. Inside or out, Recycled Rubber Tire Tiles can stand up to the toughest commercial traffic. Its non-skid, ribbed construction is soft enough to be comfortable to walk on, but sturdy enough to withstand the heaviest wear. Anywhere flooring is going to be abused, where the traffic is heavy, where the dirt and grime is ground in, Recycled Rubber Tire Tiles offers both durability and appearance.

Recycled Rubber Tire Tiles is perfect for exterior installations where the weather can take its toll on flooring. Even when it?s soaking wet, it still retains its non-skid properties and ensures sure footing in the worst conditions. Recycled Rubber Tire Tiles stands up to tough customers and endures the heaviest abuse. Recycled Rubber Tire Tiles can take the heaviest traffic in stride while enhancing walking comfort and reducing foot and leg fatigue. 

  • Application: Internal or covered external entrances, factory-to-office doorways and passages, lift lobbies, sports clubs, etc.
  • Construction: 100% recycled commercial vehicle tyres
  • Color: Contrasting Grays
  • Size of Tile: 12 inches x 12 inches, 25 tiles (25 sq.ft.) per carton
  • Thickness: 3/8 inch
  • Carton: 25 Tiles
  • Price: $9 per sq.ft., $225 per 25 sq.ft.
  • Installation: A solvent-free adhesive, or double-sided tape may be used to keep the tiles securely located under heavy foot traffic.
  • Slip Resistance: Coefficient of friction, Dry >1, Wet 0.98 (per ASTM F1677). Exceeds ADA recommended ratings of .60 for flat surfaces and .80 for ramps
  • Flammability: Radiant Panel, M3 (per NFP 92-506)
  • Guarantee: 2 years
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